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Why do tourists like Petrovac? This “town for summer love”, which has been given the epithets after the broadcast of the popular series “Wandering Eagle”, which “plays” one of the roles, the plush with its luxuriant nature – sunken beaches over which the guards of the pounded pine forests, the dense olive groves in which are housed hotels and comfortable villas and apartments, with clear sea water where the surrounding hills are reflected…

Petrovac has long been recognized for its very good service, both in hotels and restaurants, as well as in fish taverns, cafes and private apartments, as well as more affordable prices. This place, which is targeted by tourists from spring to late autumn, offers entertainment for young people, but also quite a lot of silence. Petrovac, among other things, is also known for the fact that his old guests are returning. Some year after year, some after five or six years. It is their common desire to love this place and its hosts.

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